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Hemisphere Financial Review details form 

Please fill in the below details along with completing your risk profile,

this information will help with your review and ongoing management of your pension and investments.

It is important you keep us up to date with any changes in circumstances so that your products can continually be tailored to your circumstances .

1. People who know me would describe me as a cautious person.
2. I feel comfortable about investing in the stockmarket.
3. I generally look for safer investments, even if that means lower returns.
4. Usually it takes me a long time to make up my mind on investment matters.
5. I associate the word 'risk' with the idea of 'opportunity'.
6. I generally prefer bank deposits to riskier investments.
7. I find investment matters easy to understand.
8. I am willing to take substantial financial risk to earn substantial returns.
9. I've little experience of investing in stocks, shares, or investment funds.
10. I tend to be anxious about the investment decisions I've made.
11. I'd rather take my chances with higher risk investments than have to save more.
12. I'm not comfortable with the ups and downs of stockmarket investments.

Thanks for submitting, We will be in contact soon.

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